Tsumari Sukitte iitain Dakedo, / I Mean, I Want to Say I Like You / つまり好きって言いたいんだけど、(2021)


The beginning of management is the beginning of forbidden love!?
Chitose, who used to work at an elementary school as a part-time teacher but was fired, ends up working as a manager at an entertainment agency by chance. Ever since she was tricked and humiliated by a childhood friend, she “hates lies” and is now in charge of Sena Fujishiro, a young actor on the verge of a breakthrough who is rapidly gaining popularity! He may be handsome in appearance, but he’s a troubled man with a womanizing problem and a penchant for lying that could cause a scandal at any moment! And what’s more, he’s the childhood friend of the traumatized Chitose, the one who tricked and made a fool of her! A romantic comedy about a new manager and a handsome actor who begin a forbidden love affair…! (Source: ECOTV Subs)

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