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Ton Rai Plai Rak (2023) / Unhating You


“Rossana”, a single 27-year-old woman who must work for her sicked mother and her brother’s study. The life got even more unfortunate when Anond’s company that she worked as finance manager got effected from Covid 19 pandemic and lost a lot of money. Anond so assigned Rossana to disguise as his wife “Kamonkarn” who just died from an accident, to claim the legacy from the millionaire father “Kasem”. Rossana and Anond were welcomed from everyone except “Korn”, the only son of Kasem. Korn felt that Rossana was a gold digger who came for only the legacy, this made Rossana must be very careful.

After Rossana’s arrival, she has revived the happiness in this house. She took a good care of Kasem and made Korn’s mother “Phen” felt happier. However, Korn was curious about the relationship of Rossana and Anond so he tried to figure out the truth. Korn finally knew that Kamonkarn was already gone but Kasem was satisfied the true carefulness like his real daughter from Rossana. While Korn, after got closed to Rossana, he felt that she was not like he thought so he fell for her. At the end, Kasem decided to give the legacy to Rossana and Korn proposed Rossana to marry him. (Source: One31)

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  1. episode 13 is not subbed

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