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To Love To Heal (2018) / 我站在桥上看风景

CN Drama

Xiao Shuiguang (played by Li Xirui) became depressed because of the loss of her boyfriend Yu Jinglan, and met Zhang Zhenglan (played by Jiang Chao), the boss of the student’s brother game company due to a teaching accident. Zhang Zhenglan discovered that Shui Guang was the girl who had given her game creativity, and began to pursue her. In the process of pursuing, Shui Guang closed his heart because of the past. In order to open Xiao Shuiguang’s heart, Zhang Zhenglan promised Xiao Shuiguang “You will guard your secrets, and I will guard you.” Impressed by him, Xiao Shuiguang tried to let go of his inner fetters. When their feelings warmed up, Jiang Yuru, who had returned to China, became a stumbling block in their feelings. At the same time, Luo Zhi also showed his heart to Xiao Shuiguang, and Xiao Shuiguang chose to escape. In the end, Jiang Yuru chose to withdraw after learning that Zhang Zhenglan was sincere, and Luo Zhiyin and Yu Jinglan’s death were implicated and chose to let go. When the love between Zhang Zhenglan and Xiao Shuiguang was about to end, the truth about the car accident that year surfaced, Zhang Zhenglan’s game company fell into a business crisis. With everyone’s efforts, all the dust settled, Xiao Shuiguang finally opened the door to bravely accept Zhang Zhenglan’s love. (Source: CN Drama)

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