Drama Fantasy Genre Trope - Tragedy Lakorn/Completed Romance Subber - Oh Sweet Haven Supernatural

Tieng Nang Mai (2017) / Nymph’s Bed


Vana is a nymph whose forest is invaded by a black magician/sorcerer, with his men, who wants to get the nymph’s heart for his evil doings. Vana’s tree where the heart is located, is cut down and made into a bed. Vana has to fled the forest and she has to stay where the bed is being used as part of the furniture for a rented room. Nobody has been able to stay in that room for long as it is claimed to be haunted. Ton is a young man working in the furniture department at a company. He rents the room despite the claims that there are ghosts living there. At the beginning, Ton and Vana do not get along. Then they need to work together to defeat the bad guys who are still trying to make full use of the nymph’s heart for their evil plans. (Source: MyDramalist)

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