Action Chinese Drama Comedy Genre Trope - Time Travel Historical Romance Subber - neko^^ Meow Meow

This Young Hero Is a Little Cold (2021) / 这个少侠有点冷

Neko Meow Meow

Yin Shan Shan regularly sends flowers to NPC Fang Siming in “A Dream Jianghu” game, but often got rejected. She complained that he does “not appreciate what is good” and activated a hidden level “not appreciate what is good” and entered into the game world. In the game world of “not appreciate what is good”, Yin Shan Shan turned into Yin Er San, a vicious senior sister who tortured the young male protagonist Fang Wu Yue to death. Because of her jealousy of Fang Wu Yue’s excellent talent, she framed and plundered the other party in various ways. The transmigrated Yin Shan Shan must maintain the setting of the vicious senior sister to survive. She abuse Fang Wu Yue during the day, and heal him in dreams at night. Yin Shan Shan originally wanted to kill Fang Wu Yue in her dream so that she can avoid her villain’s ending. But she saw Fang Wu Yue’s miserable childhood in his dream. She was moved by him and decided to join hands with him to deal with the demon and change the destiny. (Source: Neko Meow Meow)

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