Chinese Drama Genre Trope - Marriage Historical Romance Thriller

The Truth Of Immortality (2023) / 长生怪谈簿


Seven mysterious listeners and Zhou Yu, the world’s first storyteller, are trapped on a desert island. Soon, they find there is a large number of clues related to the “Xu’s Annihilation Massacre” which took place many years ago. And it’s not a coincidence – Zhou Yu is the sole survivor of the tragic events. With help from Liu Ru Meng, who pretends to be his wife, he tries to solve the original murder case and find the real prepetrator. To do so, the guests must find clues in six scripts left on the island. Each of them has a criminal case, which need to be solved, to get further information about the massacre. However, what the participants didn’t anticipate, is that after each solved case, one of them dies. (Source: Chinese =; Douban || Translation = MyDramaList)

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