Drama Lakorn/Incompleted Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Thayat Hai Thongkham (2024) \ Heir To The Golden Jar

Channel 8 (Raw)

18 years ago, shortly after Duangkhae (Tuang Savika) gave birth to her daughter, she and her husband, Wanchai (Keng Chatchawan), had a car accident that overturned. and the child disappeared into the Nam Phong River. Duangkhae couldn’t accept the loss and lost her mind until she went crazy. Wanchai decided to bring a girl to his family, hoping to raise her in place of their lost daughter. But due to her mental illness, Duang Khae believes that this girl is her daughter who disappeared. How will this poor child survive? And will she return to the embrace of her true family or not? (Source: Channel 8)

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