Comedy Drama Friendship Lakorn/Completed Subber - FanSubTH047

Tea Box (2021)

Fansub TH047

It is about a story of an old man who lives a dull life after his wife passed away and a young man who has no job and just got dumped by his girlfriend.

After his wife passed away, Vichai, a 70-year-old man, lives a dull and humdrum life day after day. One day he met JJ, his neighbor while JJ was plucking off Vichai’s mangoes. Vichai was very upset that led the matter to be settled at the police station. The police tried to make up for them by telling JJ to help watering trees at Vichai’s house. They disliked each other and communicated with each other by writing notes in the tea box. (Source: Fansub047)

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