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Tai Ngao Jan (2015) / Beneath The Moon’s Shadow


Paboo (Margie) is a spoiled/ rebellious woman who never puts any effort into doing her best at anything. Her parents became divorced when she was young. Her father remarried and had another daughter. They sent Paboo off to boarding school so Paboo felt like she was never a part of their new family. After spending 10 years studying abroad, Paboo returned back to Thailand but didn’t even finish any of her studies. Her father was very angry. He wished she was more like her younger sister who took her studies seriously and was more responsible. Paboo became angry and ran out of the house. She didn’t know where to go so she contacted her mother, who she has lost touched with for a very long time. Her mother felt guilty for abandoning her daughter so she helped Paboo by getting her to stay at her new husband’s family hotel suite. Paboo thought it would be easy to find a job, but with her lack of experience and no degree, it was difficult for her to become hired.

Meanwhile, we have Satayu played by Great. He is a businessman who is very strict about his work. Satayu is the President of his grandfather’s company. Many of his family members envy him because he isn’t even his grandfather’s biological grandson but he gets to have the highest position in the family. That’s because all of his uncle’s children are of no good use. Although Satayu’s mother passed away while giving birth to him, his grandfather thinks that he brings him good luck and good fortune because after he was born, his business became much better after almost going bankrupt. Meanwhile, Satayu hired an architect name Buree, played by Puen Khanin, to help him reconstruct his family’s restaurant that he was trying to reopen. He was searching for a manager for his restaurant. He bumped into Paboo at his family’s suite and thought she was one of those people who sneaked to stay for free. However, when he found out who she was, he allowed her to stay and hired her to work for him to reconstruct his restaurant. When Paboo’s father heard that she had gotten a job working with Satayu, he was very proud. Basically, Paboo, Satayu, and Buree will somehow form a bond while working with each other. Buree crushes on Paboo because he likes working with her. Although she doesn’t always agree with him, he likes debating with her. They’ve met before too but Paboo doesn’t recall. Satayu had also met and was fond of Paboo before as well. In the end, Paboo will have to decide who she is truly in love with. Who will win her heart? Will it be the bubbly and charismatic Buree? Or the kind-hearted and understanding Satayu? Tune into Tai Ngao Jan to find out. (Source: sharerice)

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