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Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Lohgan (2019)


“Suparburoot Jorm Jon” is a series about twins that got raised separately, one being a loyal soldier and the other one a bandit.

A bandit, a heavenly flower, a once in a lifetime love. The sweetest moment that came into his life is: her.
If only he was not Suer Pa, an outlawed bandit of Praiwaree and she wasn’t Mom Luang Petch Nampeung (dutchess) the fiance of his arch enemy the sheriff he would not kidnapped her, holding her hostage in his camp of outlaws. If only fate was kinder, allowed him to meet her later then he can fully say Petch Nampeung is his woman. He would be able to take better care of her instead of forcing her to live such a sorry life. She was only 17 and does not want to be anyone’s wife at the moment. She vowed that if he forces her hands, she would hate him for eternity. However when it was time for her to leave, she was unable to stop her flow of tears.
Is the love story between the bandit of Praiwaree and the heavenly flower really going to end like this? (Source:

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  1. **This is a re-comment with addon comments. Contains some vague minor spoilers?**

    One of the many lakorns I watched during quarantine was Mathurot Lohgan. I think it’s by far one of the better lakorns I’ve watched in so long. Two aspects I really consider when watching anything is character development and plot development.

    Character development: 4/5
    It was my first time watching a ch7 lakorn in a while and my first time seeing the two leads act. I fell in love with Mike’s character fast, which doesn’t happen often. I loved how Petch wasn’t your typical damsel character and how she didn’t pull Suer Pa back from his duties. While she wasn’t a really tough female lead, she still stood her ground and her really fought for what she believed in. Which was probably why she was stuck in her predicaments in the first place. She tried to be scheming but she couldn’t outsmart Suer Pa. Guys, there’s no rape scenes between the two leads (at least from what I recall). He’s actually quite the gentleman and my heart couldn’t take it half of the time. From the beginning till the end he was just trying to do good and help her.

    I’ve come to really love some of the side characters in the village a lot more than the second lead couple. In some ways, the second lead couple kind of bored me. Like it was forced for them to become a couple for the sake of it. That or I just didn’t feel any chemistry between them. I do like how everything that these characters faced pushed them to really question their duties, roles, and dreams/wants and not just follow the rules.

    Plot development: 3.5/5
    It didn’t drag too much for me and there weren’t that many unnecessary fillers. I’d say the fail to take down evil did take awhile to lead towards the climax. Even understanding why some aspects of the past took place didn’t get explained till later. How the police force didn’t really succeed even with help was kind of ridiculous to me. However, I overlooked it because I wasn’t pulling my hair over unnecessary scenes. It was a lakorn where I didn’t drag the skip button because I couldn’t sit through it. I think the whole magic thing was well intertwined with the lakorn without feeling out of place.

    Other comments:
    At first I didn’t know that the twin aspect was two separate dramas. Mike with Now in another lakorn and this one. I thought it was going to be the typical, both twins in one lakorn. However, two Mikes didn’t show up towards the end. Funny story is I thought I was watching a drama separate to the plot I was reading about because it mentioned twins but I never saw twins. So when I saw the other Mike, I knew I was on track.

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