Drama Family Lakorn/Completed Music Romance Subber - Oh Sweet Haven

Sood Rai Sood Rak (2021) / Oh My Sweet Heart


Three best friends in the music industry suffered a misunderstanding and jealousy that caused them to become rivals that affect the next generation. Dontree is a young and talented musician, but a tragic accident that killed his brother traumatized him in ever playing the piano again. His father, Danu, owns a struggling music label and his son helped him by writing a song using a pseudonym. An old rival, Tul, who now owns a successful music label called “Music Universe,” gains his success by stealing Danu’s lyrics in the past. Soodrak, daughter of Daily Media publication, tries to motivate Dont to play music again. Amid strife between their family, Soodrak and Dont follow their dream and join music club unknowing that Trin, their senior, is the son of Tul, their fathers’ arch-enemy. When the truth of their relationship is revealed, will they be able to forgive and overcome their families’ rivalry and hatred for one another? (Source: WeTV)

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