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Shuk’s Venture in Lakorn Locations

When was the first time you noticed that a particular location was used in more than one drama? My first one was probably in my early KDrama watching, when I realized that MBC liked using their own building when an entertainment company scene was needed.

But Thai drama and entertainment production takes the cake when it comes to recycling addresses! Often shows competing on different networks at the same time clearly show the same locations. Same furnishings, plants, windows. 

The first location I realized was duplicated was a beautiful white mansion with black roof and a stunning floating staircase. I first saw it in “Lak Ruk Sut Kop Fah” where the building was the King’s Palace of the country of Raya. I realized it was used again in a cute rom-com starring View and Push called “Leh Nangfah”. 

The kicker was a round satin bed in a weird room of fake columns and shiny gray paint. The unique décor caught my eye, and I started to pay attention to the backgrounds and locations.  This was in 2014. That location is now Number 2 on my list.

In May 2015, I published my first blog post on this phenomenon, looking specifically at white buildings. But as my obsession spread to other buildings, I realized I needed to consolidate and make some sense out of my research. 

The current “Lakorn Locations” was born in March 2016, when I took my first set of white and yellow houses, numbered them, and gave each one their own page. It has now grown to over 40 residences or locations used as “houses”, and seven business locations.

Social media has helped immensely with this endeavor. Currently I have a group that actively helps with the research, allowing me to find more and more dramas, and locations, to add to my list.

I have also expanded into Lakorn Countries, tracking those shows that were filmed (or reportedly filmed) outside Thailand.

There are additional locations, such as parks, that are waiting to be organized and published. For instance, the majority of scenes involving waterfalls are filmed at one specific location, Erawan Falls National Park in Kanchanburi, near the Myanmar border. It sports seven named falls, as well as numerous smaller rivulets and pools.  I am in the process of separating out dramas based on which site it was filmed.

It’s a never-ending project that I nevertheless find enjoyable. Sometimes I’m too busy trying to identify the film site to notice other things. Like abs… lol

Anyway, feel free to visit my list of Lakorn Locations and Lakorn Countries, and feel free to drop a note if you see a drama I have missed!


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2 years ago

This is so fun!! Thanks for sharing photos with the locations. I have seen your comments elsewhere and been inspired to look more closely at the lakorn settings. Now I get to play along!

2 years ago
Reply to  Diana

You can leave a comment directly on Shuk’s blog, and also, if you ever notice a new lakorn with a house on her list, let her know so she can add it.

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