Drama Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Sanaeha Karm Sen (2016) / The Passion Crossed The Line


The Onyx Plus is a famous advertising agency company in Thailand. Arthit is the owner of a small business agency and Ken as a manager of that company. Ken is a talented and good looking young man, even though there are so many ladies come into his life but he consistently stays with Ploy, the one and only wife of his. But the love of these two has been challenged, when a charming lady Nisha has moved to work as a director. Nisha has always been successful. She thinks that getting Ken from Ploy isn’t a difficult task for her, the more Ken loves Ploy the more Nisha would want to win over that. Even though Nisha makes careful and smart moves, she never could get rid of the sense of the real wife. Ploy tries to retaliate Nisha wisely and Ken himself knows that he never fell for Nisha’s tricky game. Unlike Win, a junior level and a colleague of Ken, he is a playboy who’s surrounded with girls which makes Kwan, his girlfriend who is Ploy’s junior, always rampants him. Kwan is an MC of a TV show called “Cheating”, she’s a smart and confident lady, you can say she’s an Icon/Idol for every wife in Thailand. So many times that Kwan caught Win cheating on her but at the end she can’t resist Win. But Win never changes his ways, Kwan is tired of this and almost breaks up with him. Eventually Win asked her to marry him and gave her a promise that he will quit being a playboy. Kwan is very happy about it but told Win that if he cannot quit being a playboy, she won’t marry him. Even though Bussaya, Arthit’s wife, is already married and have a family, but Bussaya has her own secret. Because in these past few years of marriage, Arthit has been focusing so much on work and doesn’t care much about her, that makes her eventually met with Vit, gym trainor who loves to take care her. Vit has good feeling towards Bussaya so he always takes good care of her which makes her start to move across the line with Vit. She is very upset that she’s been cheating on Arthit, so she decided to get away from Vit. But Vit’s ex girlfriend figured out this relationship beforehand and tries to blackmail her for alot of cash. While Vit is very upset about it and tries to figure something out with Bussaya, Arthit also has realized something is not right with his wife, so he investigates the affair. (Source: MyDramaList)

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  1. Grover Chang says:

    Hi, there is no english subtitles for this thai lakorn. Just want to let you know, since it is in the completed eng sub thai lakorn.

    Thank you,

    1. Sornsuer says:

      It was listed as completed and NO eng sub. FYI.

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