Drama Lakorn/Incompleted Revenge Romance Slide

Sai Roong (2022) / Fallen Rainbow


When May’s stepdad passed away, she needed to be the one taking care of her mother and her stepdad’s daughter instead. She used her beauty and determination to finally be someone in an entertainment business, hoping that she would provide more for her family. However, life wasn’t that easy. Her family was full of debt because of the mortgage. Her mother wanted to take a shortcut to be rich so she encouraged May to be a minister’s mistress, but May refused to do so. To make it worse, Songyos, a business man, seemed to be interested in her even though he already had a wife at home. Moreover, Phongsathorn came into her life. He looked exactly like Phak, May’s ex boyfriend. They broke up because they couldn’t love each other’s and he was forever gone from her. May was a talented model and she got a job to teach Phongsathorn’s sister to be a model. It was inevitable for May to meet Phongsathorn quite often and he threw bad words at her every time he had a chance. It was clear that they didn’t like each other that much but May didn’t have any choice so she needed to hear his sarcasm and be patient with him.         

On the other hand, her mom was addicted to gambling and it caused May another big trouble. She spent all mortgage fund on gambling. May couldn’t find a way out of it so she asked Songyos for help. But it came with a condition. This started a rumor that May became Songyos’ mistress already. Nobody knew if this was actually a fact. Phongsathorn believed the rumor as well. When her mom heard the rumor, she rushed May to meet with the minister because she already accepted his money. If May refused to do so, her mom would present her stepdad’s daughter to him instead. Facing with countless problems, May relied on booze and she became addicted to it. Her problems included rumor of her being someone’s mistress, house’s mortgage, her question on Phongsathorn that he could be her ex. How could these problems be solved and how could May go through all of these? (Source: One31)

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  1. Need eng sub episodes, at present only 8 episodes are subbed in english.

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