Drama Genre Trope - Rich Guy/Poor Girl Romance Transliterator - Jasmin Lakorn

Ruk Tur Took Wan (2007) / Love You Everyday

Subbed By AnothaiDara

One Valentine’s Day morning, while Irissa is on her way to a new job at a hair salon, she aimlessly walks into one of Watin’s photo shoot. Watin falls in love with her at first sight and sets forth his venture to court her. Perhaps Irissa falls for him at that same moment too, but she has other priorities in life; her career and fulfilling her parent’s dreams. As if Irissa’s resistance wasn’t enough, other troubles surround them. Watin’s parents pressure him into being a successful businessman so that he can take over the family business one day. However, he would rather pursue his passion as a photographer. Rose shamelessly chases after Watin even though she knows he feels nothing for her. Taewang, Watin’s friend/cousin-turned-rival, is after Irissa. His motivation stems from his desire to defeat Watin; in business and in love. Taewang’s mother loathes Irissa for being poor and just a measly hairdresser. She goes through great lengths to prevent her son from such a fate. Irissa’s aunt and uncle take every opportunity to make money at Irissa’s expense. (Source: AsianFuse Wiki)

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