Drama Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Reuan Pae (2011) / The Boat House

One (Raw)

Three close friends, Kaew, an unruly boxer, Chen, an honest police officer and Rin, a mellow aspiring singer are renting Pen’s father’s houseboat. Pen likes Kaew, but Kaew is not up to her father’s standards. He is an uneducated boxer with no future.

Chen seems more promising than both Kaew and Rin, he is educated and will be a police officer with a stable income. Her father would only allow Chen to pursue and date her. Because they love Chen, Kaew and Rin make way for him to pursue the woman they both love. Since they can’t get the girl, they direct their efforts to other things such as pursuing their dreams. This way, Kaew applies to enter a boxing camp and Rin finds a job at a radio station. But destiny has other plans.

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