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Rak Nirun Juntra (2021) / Love Under The Moonlight

Subbers Paradise

Thacha is a man with immortal life. He had been waiting for more than 200 years for his lover to return. He met a woman with the face and character of his first and only love as if they were the same person, she made his life meet the light again. But how to win her heart when she is a person and he’s not!? (Source: Channel 3)


  1. Cherry Blossom says:

    Thank you for putting it in English subtitles I hope you can finish it in English subtitles…????

    1. Phanthittra says:

      we don’t subbed this, this is subbed by Subbers Paradise. you can thanks them on their website so they can keep continue subbing for us!

  2. Teresa Lume says:

    The storyline is good but has much thai and asian cliches. Nothing compare to the Twilight Saga or Vampires Diary or Originals. Nothing. If Thai dramas wants to reach foreigners audiences they must change all this cliches of girls freaking and screaming, and also the men (Due and his friend are simple idiots). But well when I don’t have nothing to watch I see this. It’s entertaining but a bit idiot. It’s a pitty because as I said the story is good, the acting is so-so until now, specially the female leader she need to pratice acting a litle more.

  3. thank you

  4. Dorea Sheppard says:

    Where are the rest of the epoxides? You left off on Chapter 5. Looking to continue on watching this drama.

    1. Admin says:

      Read the rules.

  5. Vickie Bd says:

    I was really hoping you would complete this drama. I really was enjoying the story. I hope you are doing well and that you are not having any trouble in your life. I know life can sometimes stop us mortals in our tracks.

  6. Vickie Bd says:

    I know some lakorn fans can be selfish and self absorb, acting as if you subber’s are working for them. I read some of their comments and I am offended, and I am not a subber. However, those of us who have understanding and appreciation really do appreciate you all and your hard work. I am always so appreciative because I understand that you can just enjoy a lakorn yourself and never share it with the rest of us. Therefore, thank you. for all that you do and have done. I feel as though we should do more to show our appreciation for your unselfish giving. You all simply add joy to a bunch of strangers lives. When I say I hope you don’t have any troubles, I mean it. Not so that you can complete the lakorn, but because you have already giving so much. Once again, thank you. Your work has most certainly added paradise to some of my worst days.

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