Comedy Drama Family Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Music Romance

Rak Long Rong (2017) / Love Lost Theatre

Channel 3 (Raw)

Keerana is hi-so girl and superstar who grew up overseas. She never messes up with someone who is on a lower level than her and is self-willed. Everyone has to follow to reconcile her. The fact is that she is the granddaughter of owner Likay group who falls on hard times. She leaves her family because of following a dream and don’t care for everyone who is behind her. One day, she lost everything and not willing to back to her homeland, and know that her grandmother gone. She has to take care people in Likay group replacing her grandmother. But she can’t get along well with another one especially Tula a shape-tongue guy because she is too much. Tula will always satirize her and will pick on her when he has a chance. But it has warmth in behind of his cold. Keerana strangely feels warmth in spite, in fact, she doesn’t familiar everyone in her family. But how can she live in Likay world even if she hates it so much? And her fame will be scandalous because of the thing which she didn’t do it. How can she demand her right?

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    oh it’s raw😢😭😕

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