Drama Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Rabam Duang Dao (2010) / Dance of the Stars

Channel 3 (Raw)

Mei is a good person, but does not act like a good girl. She will shake her tush or show off her cleavage to succeed in the Thai entertainment industry. Her image is of a sexy tough girl. However, she is a just a poor girl trying to make it big, so that she can take care of her mother and younger siblings. Namwan is a pretty, rich and famous leading actress. She has been in many lakorns and is very popular among audiences. On the surface, she seems like a good person. Behind the scenes, she has many secrets and she only associates with people who will make her be a star. Namwan is having an affair with a famous plastic surgeon named Watit to maintain her beauty. When Mei enters the Thai Entertainment industry as a new and fresh rising star, Namwan sees her as a threat to her stardom and does everything possible to tarnish Mei’s image and career. Reporter Payut’s family is pretty wealthy because his father owns a large newspaper company. Thus, when Mei is being bullied by Namwan, Payut is there to help her.. (SourcE: MyDramaList)

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