Drama Horror Lakorn/Completed Romance

Qi Pao


“The traces of love and the power of revenge are buried in the beautiful Qi Pao. No matter how much time has passed, the thin petal botan flower (orchid cactus) is still waiting to return…” 
Paeka or Pink is a Thai curator who works at the Asian Institute of Textile & Apparel in Thailand. She is a tall, hard working Thai woman and greatly adored by Harold, the managing director of the institution. 
One day, Paeka met with a tall handsome man with eyes like those of a Chinese person. That person is Jao Ming Tian or Daniel, he is the son of Jao Wern Yeuy, the owner of the 30 Qi pao dresses that was presented for the exhibition. 
Paeka admires the handsomeness, the charming, and the clever intellectual abilities of Jao Ming Tian but she feels that he is troubled on the inside. He kept to himself so often that he became a cold person, he has often looked at her in a displeasing manner and sometimes, he has even gotten irritated with her.
While she was sorting out Qi Pao’s artifacts, Paeka is inhibited by the dead May Lee’s spirit and taken back to the time of the murder. (Source: MyDramaList)


  1. The videos are blocked. Can anyone reupload pleeeeeease? ????

    1. Admin says:

      We’ll try to find them.

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