Action Drama Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Prajan Lai Payak (2010) / Tiger Moon

Channel 7

JunChai, the daughter of a police officer, harbored vengence eversince she was a child because she saw her father shot to death in front of her eyes by a gang of drug dealers. ParnDeun and Tiwa also come from a police family and had their father killed the same way. ParnDeun and Tiwa’s mother Nuan took JunChai in as her adopted daughter. The three children loved each other very much as if they were blood siblings, and the two younger kids looked up to JunChai as the older sister who would take care of her younger siblings. After finishing their studies, both JunChai and ParnDeun were able to become police women. Both were sent to train with Anon, the handsome policeman of the team. ParnDeun fell in love with Anon at first sight, but Anon secretly admired JunChai. During their training, JunChai showed excellent skills and helped out her friends, which caused them to like JunChai more than ParnDeun. This caused Anon to choose JunChai as his new assistant to replace Pailin, an undercover detective who was killed by the drug dealers… (Source: MyDramaList)


  1. Leceil agui says:

    Where can i watched this?

    1. Sornsuer says:

      There are no Eng sub.

  2. How to watch?

    1. Sornsuer says:

      No sub

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