Potential third hand between Patricia Good and Peach Pachara

A super hot topic that is being watched closely right now regarding the break up between leading actress Patricia Good and Young Hiso Peach Pachara Chirathivat, the heir to a multi-billion dollar shopping mall empire. With this news involves another hiso by the name of Note Wiset Rungsisingpipat, who is speculated to be the third hand between the two. Social media sleuths arrived to the conclusion by the use of emoji by the pair and a photograph where the two are having dinner. This brought on a social media storm of comments by fans.

Most recently netizens have stormed Patricia’s comment on instagram. However, that isn’t what is catching people’s attention right now. A good eye netizen noticed Note’s former lover and current hot leading actress Poo Praiya Lundberg liked a comment by another fan stating, “Wow, only 22? How precocious.” How raeng Ms. Poo! We wonder how Patricia will feel after seeing this.

Patricia and Peach
Poo Praiya Lundberg (Note’s ex girlfriend)

Original Source: Innnews (Click for Link)
Translation by: Leelawadee

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