Action Comedy Drama Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong

Bua Pan a young villager girl came across a abnormally large egg very soft and ivory white on the sand bank along the Mekong river so she takes it home with her and something triggers her to eat the egg and when her best friend Tong Mee comes over to her house she invites him to eat it with her but he doesn’t because he has already eaten. Bua Pan eats the egg alone and after eating it she suddenly her stomache becomes flashing hot.. Bua Pan tells Tong Mee that she has to go drink water from the water canal so she can get better.. Tong Mee is startle so he calls for help.

Tit Kaen a young villager guy tries to hold Bua Pan but she struggles out of it easily everyone decides that Bua Pan is being possessed by a ghost. Old Chiang La quickly tries to beg for forgiveness from the ghost that has posessed Bua Pan but the person possessing her refuses and tries to escape through the waters Tit Kaen jumps in to help and the two drowns to the bottom of the water.

At that instant there is suddenly a big black lump that surface and turns into a group of butterflies counting up to millons and also a group counting millions of bats that swarmed around. The Mekong river then looks extremely dark as a omen. Tong Mee screams in excitment when he sees Bua Pan surface. He starts to scream for her to return to shore but she doesn’t come and slowly start to drown and dissapear..

At another side Dr Akanee a specialist i pyschiatry studies meditates and goes back in time to On Sa to verify something mysterious. Once in that time he passes out; Uncle Jun Dee a boatsmen comes by and calls for Dr Aka nee but he is still and does not respond. Uncle Jun Dee then screams an panics as if he has seen a ghost and quickly tries to row his boat away .. but he ends up seeing a boat close by which had a young girl with the name of Bua Pan calling him to get on the boat with her. Once he touches her Bua Pan feels a coldness in her and body then turns into skeletal remains which is a illusion created by the diviness Tor Hook. Uncle Jun Dee quickly asks for forgiveness and apologizes for touching her and begs for his life.

And Bua Pan who has drowned for 9 days already her body has not been found her mother Boon Ruen who is also a villager asks a medium or conjurer to see of her future Dr Aka Nee is also in the ritual.. The medium tells her that Bua Pan will return home in 3 days.

Dr Ohn Nguern a best friend of Dr Aka Nee who married princess Kohm Karm who was once engaged to Dr Aka Nee comes to see Dr Aka Nee but he doesn’t want to see them because he doesn’t want to see Kohm Karm who Ohn Nguern did not bring but brought Won Worng who is the brother of Princess Kohm Karm instead

Ohn Nguern tells Dr Aka Nee that the country of Koon Luang which is the country of Dr Aka Nees ancestor has fallen and Aka Nee decides to recover and rebuild the country which inside includes many precious treasures including Buddha’s relics

Dr Aka Nee decides to travel and see but on his way there he is poisoned by Ohn Nguern and Prince Won Wong but Dr Aka Nee realizes this and hides Thunbergia Laurifolia the antidote in his mouth. Ohn Nguerna nd Won Wong stuffs his body in a sack and throws him into the water. Aka Nee cuts himself loose and eventually comes across a monster with an aligators head who is the servant of diviness Tor Hook and is captured and imprisoned in a jail

A great cheif finds out of it and sends demons nari jark and malin to go and get Dr Aka Nee the two transform into a black wind and storm and carries Dr Aka Nee for Nong Haan Luang who commands them to cook him. Dr Aka Nee doesn’t see a way to escape so he wishes that his spirit to be cleansed and once he finished his chant the shadow of death the sweeps in and suddenly there is a bright golden light that takes him and pulls him into the air .. Once he realizes himself again or regain conscience he is startled when he sees a pretty girl dressed in a native outfit who invites him to rest at her house. He refuses and she tells him that her name is Bua Pan. Aka Nee then thinks of the girl who had drowned at the Mekong river .. After that he then heads towards the city

On his way there he comes across a skeleton ghost a black ghost dog but he manages to survive. He finally reaches the house of Boon Reuan who is still sad and crying over her daughter Bua Pan. The Venerable Monk Joom her ex husband goes on a wayfaring jorney and Bua Pan returns home. Bua Pan returns home with a ghost along with her who goes around haunting the villagers. Once Dr Aka Nee finds out of her return he goes and see her to verify because he believes that Bua Pan is the person that saved him from drowning but she doesn’t remember him. Sao then comes and tell that Bua Pan killed Uncle Ngeum … Dr Aka Nee wants to autopsy the body and suddenly a black cat jumps across his body and Uncle Ngeum Awakes.

The village leader Leng and Wian Lae intended to go to Ngeum’s funeral but instead they see Dr Aka Nee and they are startled so they inform Ohn Nguern and Won Wong who is afraid of being found out that they bombed the country so The Village leader Leng also promises to not say anything because he is afraid of being in trouble for being an accomplice

Dr Aka Nee wants to verify that Bua Pan is the real one so he follows her into the hidden city and the two talk and once he realizes again he is in the middle of a cemetary. He then walks back to his hotel and finds a letter that was left for him by Princess Kohm Karm who wants to meet with him he decides to meet with her to ask her about the complete details of things

Dr Aka Nee is curious of why divineness is so against him. Tor Hook had captured Kohm Karm as bait and tells Aka Nee to meet her or else Kohm Karm will die. Mai See goes to tell Aka Nee everything and they ask Bua Pan to help take them to Tor Hook but Tor Hook is already in possession of Bua Pan’s body so she takes Aka Nee down into the nether world and meet Risee. Risee tells Aka Nee to remove the ring but Aka Nee refuse.

Tor Hook who is in Bua Pan’s body help force him to remove it. In the end Aka Nee has no choice but to remove it and once he drops the ring fire erupts and Risee is very angry so he tells Tor Hook to throw Aka Nee into the acidic fire.

Dr Aka Nee realizes that it isn’t Bua Pan so he struggles and in the end Tor Hook is the one that falls into the fire, but in reality it is Bua Pan who dies but she awakes once more because The Monk Joom appears in a illusional form to save them all. In the End Tor Hook suffers the consquences of her wrong doings.

Dr Aka Nee takes Bua Pan back to the village and ensures everyone of the truth that Bua Pan is not behind all the bad doings. They believe them and Bua Pan and Dr Aka Nee then carry their love after waiting for so long. Dr Ohn Nguern and Princess Kohm Karm makes up and decides to get back together and carry their love as they had … Prince Won Wong decides to be ordained into a monk.

Credit – Tina Thai All Stars


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      Please, read the categories on top of the pic, it says NO ENG SUBS.

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