Drama Genre Trope - Tragedy Historical Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Plae Kao (2002)

In 1936 in rural Bang Kapi, among the rice fields, Kwan and Riam, the children of rival village chiefs, fall in love. Riam’s father disapproves of the relationship, and wants to marry her off to Joi, the son of a wealthy local nobleman. Riam’s father, Joi and some other men go to confront Kwan and find him on the spirit-house island with Riam. A brief swordfight ensues, and Kwan is struck with a sword wielded by Riam’s older brother, Roen. The cut on the side of Kwan’s face eventually becomes a noticeable scar, which Kwan says is the mark of his love for Riam. The rival families try to keep the lovers apart, but they cannot succeed in stopping their love for each other. (Source: MyDramalist)

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