Comedy Drama Fantasy Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Pim Mala (2011 ) / The Secret Garland Garden

Channel 3

Aum is a playboy. He dates many girls, and Namcha the nice of Mam Jintara goes to work for her. Namcha was Aum’s co-worker.She instantly falls in love with Aum, but Aum who sees her as a nerdy, not good looking, and as a worker. Namcha later finds out that Aum is a playboy, and so she went to study abroad. When she comes back, she meets Aum again and now she has a different look, she’s more beautiful, not as nervous as before. Aum now starts to like her, but she introduces her fiance to him. Namcha who still has feelings for Aum, and Aum also thinks that she still has feelings for him too and he tries to get her back. Rita, Namcha’s godmother see’s that Aum is going to make Namcha sad again turns in into a woman in the body of Ploy named Pimmala. Rita changes everything, her name, birth cerfticate, license, etc. She forces Aum/Ploy to go and work at where he did before. (Aum got kicked out of the company). Now he goes back to work as Ploy. Rita wants Aum now to experience how much woman have to go through and how is it like to be a “true woman”. Aum can still have his body only when he does good deeds, and helps Rita with what she asks him to do. Rita wants Aum/Ploy to go try to make those girls that got brokenhearted from him. Aum/Ploy faces obstacles to make those girl to not have a grudge against him. Namcha’s fiance has an illness, and Namcha is also pregant. Later, Namcha’s husband’s died. Rita who knows that Aum is going to be Namcha’s “couple” or “husband” wanted to change him. After that Rita took Aum to a place where he got turned into a woman and now he fully became 100% man again. Soon Namcha and Aum starts to date and took care of Namcha’s baby. (Source: sharice)

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