Drama Genre Trope - Tragedy Historical Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Peuan Paeng (2015) / The Sisters

A love triangle between Lor and the two daughters of Por Pit named Peuan and Paeng. Peuan is the selfish older sister and Paeng is the tomboy younger sister. Lor is Por Pit’s distanced nephew. He was taken in by Por Pit after his parents died. Peuan, Paeng, and Lor were raised up together. Lor took care of Paeng since they’re little because Paeng was very attached to him. But when they got older Lor fell for Peuan and the two got engaged. Lor loved Peuan and saw Paeng as an annoying younger sister. He promised to love Peuan forever and if he has another woman he shall die for betraying their love. Then Lor fell ill with malaria so he was taken to the city to be treated. Peuan and Paeng went with him. While they lived in the city Peuan had an affair with a rich man and left Paeng to care for the sick Lor. (Source: MyDramalist)


  1. evelyn colobong says:

    cannot open the link

    1. Admin says:

      PLEASE, notice it is listed under “LAKORN/NO SUB” which means no eng subbed videos.

  2. Jasmine says:

    When will this Lakorn get English Subtitles? Would you know I have looked everywhere, and I cannot find any website that has provided subtitles with the episodes. I really really want to watch this Lakorn, but cannot due to the language barrier.

    1. Sornsuer says:

      No sub.

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