Comedy Drama Genre Trope - Mafia Lakorn/Completed Romance Subber - Rainbow

Pee Roon Pram Rak (2016) / Rain of Love

Rainbow Subs

The main character (our hero) Logan mafia’s boss in Hong Kong, the main character Charming ( our heroine)- and secretly works as a doctor in Hong Kong. Once, when Logan was ambushed by his enemies they left him unconscious in the parking and he rescued by the heroine. Logan had amnesia Gradually, they fell in love. But one day as Logan was taking a walk, his friend, Dennis, finds him and tries to talk to him, but Logan doesn’t remember him, so he hits him and runs away. Soon after Dennis follows Logan, they get into a fight and Dennis accidentally throws Logan into a wall, where Logan blacked out and lost his memory once again. After some time his memory returned , but he forgets Charming and all the time he was with her. Charming looking for him and doesn’t understand where he’s gone. Logan has a 5 year old son and he was often sick. One day when he brings him to the hospital, he meets Charming, but couldn’t remember her. Is Logan can remember his love for Charming? (MyDramaList)

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  1. Clould says:

    Saw 1st 4 episodes. Very good, soft, romantic drama with soft touch of the mafia. Highly recommended for the romantics.

    Please continue eng subbing and upload the rest of the episodes. Being waiting a very long time to see this larkon being eng sub. Many thanks.

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