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Otonari ni Ginga (2023) / おとなりに銀河


Kuga Ichiro (Sano Hayato) is a struggling manga artist. After the death of his father, he spends his days drawing manga to support his younger sister Machi (Koyama Sae) and younger brother Fumio (Ishizuka Rikuto). One day, a beautiful and mysterious lady Goshiki Shiori (Yagi Rikako) appears and becomes Ichiro’s temporary assistant because she admires his manga. With her help, Ichiro escapes a last-minute deadline crisis, but when Ichiro notices a thorn-like object protruding from Shiori’s body while she was asleep, he touches it and the work room transforms into outer space! She then tells him that she’s the royal princess of a certain island, and that by touching her thorn, he has entered into a marriage contract with her. (Source: IrozukuSubs)

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