Action Drama Romance Supernatural

Nuer Mek 2 (2012) / Beyond Comparison 2


**Warning: There is no ending to this lakorn due to political issues and inappropriate contents.

SaengKla (Prin) is a person who gets mad a bit and cannot handle his emotion right for work so his boss sends him to a mental hospital for a EQ test and there he met the beautiful doctor Praepailin (Chalida). Prae is a quiet women who focus on work most of her life, but ever since SaengKla stepped into her life she has changed her behavior to become a little more fun. On the other hand Winyo trys to stop SaengKla because he’s the reason why his powers always failed, the true magic is in SaengKla’s locket he wears around his neck. Winyoo will do anything to get that locket but what he doesn’t know is that he is up a against a fight with his own son. (Source: MyDramaList)

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