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Neung Dao Fah Diew (2018) / One Land, One Sky

Ingfakirata- Jirayuhomedrama

During the reign of King Ekkathat in Ayutthaya Kingdom, Mang Mao was the daughter of Ming, a rich man who was the owner of a paper factory. Mang Mao was also famous in her own right for being mischievous considering she escaped arranged dates many times. One time, she ran from an arranged date again and coincidentally met Sri Khan Thin. He didn’t like her mischievousness. Mang Mao hated the way Sri Khan Thin tried to admonish her, so she often created chaos around him without knowing he was actually Khan Thong, the son of Suea Khun Thong who was a notorious dead bandit. Khan Thong disguised himself as a eunuch in the Royal Palace in order to investigate his parents’ death. (Source: MyDramaList)

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  1. One of the best lakorn I have ever seen. I admire the over all production of this lakorn, from costumes to castings. This lakorn shows how Thai’s great love for their country. Every one has their own distinct contribution, I hate the king’s mistress she’s very greedy. I love the chemistry of James and Taew they look cute. I win by supporting original subbers.

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