Chinese Drama Fantasy Historical Romance

Be My Cat (2021) / 我的宠物少将军


In the peaceful Qingqiu Country of Jiangzhou, on the banks of Qingshan Lake, resides Su Xiao He. The bubbly proprietress of a local pet shop, Xiao He is as beloved by all as the adorable animals she works with. Perfectly content with her life, Xiao He has never been one to dream of far-off places or grand adventures so naturally, when she happens to come across a pretty blue stone one day, the possibility of it being anything other than a stone, never even crosses her mind. Little does she know that rock will soon change her life forever. So much more than just a pretty rock, the Blue Soul Orb is a rare and unusual stone with the power to reach across space and time, when given the right circumstances. Now in Xiao He’s possession, this mysterious orb accidentally awakens the Meow Star Prince. Once a noble prince of the DW Galaxy, Mo Xiu Ran now finds himself acting as a major general in the Qingqiu army. With no idea where he is or how he got there, Xiu Ran has no choice but to ask Xiao He for help. Agreeing to help only after a contract is signed, the two embark on an unusual adventure, hoping to find a way to get Xiu Ran home. (Source: Viki)

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