Mr. Sunshine Li Xian and His Bromance

It’s a familiar name to you all, right? Who didn’t know our Mr. Li anyway, with his hit drama that aired last year, Go Go Squid, he become a new favorite among drama lovers around the world. But before that, he already known for his approach of different characters in dramas and movies though he finally get the recognition he deserve only recently.

I first met him on a movie version of Love O2O that aired in 2016, but when I met him again on Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, I realize his “charm” and started looking for his other works. As some of you might know, I’m a sucker for crime/supernatural/thriller/mystery genre so it’s not hard for me to meet him since he starred in 2 of my favorite drama, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin and Tientsin Mystic. Tientsin Mystic is one of the best Chinese drama that I ever watch, which was so underrated I never heard people talking about it. And I’m not overreacting when I said my world crumbles when I heard he is not gonna be in the second season because he got injured when they’re about to start filming and they decide to change him with other actor (damn they can’t even wait for him to heal?). Then his list of project goes on, after Tientsin Mystic, I met him again on Only Side By Side With You, Go Go Squid, and the latest one in Sword Dynasty (though I’m not really fond of this one).

What I love about his projects (that I’ve watched so far) besides the genre and storyline, there’s always a good bromance in it. Starting from Love O2O with his pack of game maker, the three musketeers in Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (though its not really a bromance since one of three is a woman, but I still enjoy his bickering with Qin Ming), then his rich ‘junior apprentice’ Ding Mao in Tientsin Mystic, his love-hate relationship with Shi Yue in Only Side By Side With You, and him with his ‘babies’ and old friends in Go Go Squid.

Though Go Go Squid is the one that give him a world wide popularity, and I did like that drama too, but for me his best work is still Tientsin Mystic. Its a perfect mix of mystery and supernatural, and Li Xian character Guo De You is so attractive and hilarious, his portrayal of that character deserved a standing applause. And the best bromance also goes for this drama. His character and Zhang Ming En’s Ding Mao is a match made in heaven. Ding Mao is a smart guy that full of logical thinking (well, he is a doctor) while Guo De You is the act-first-think-later kinda guy. Their relationship started with suspicions and doubts, though eventually they build trust with each other when they found out the deaths of their loved ones is caused by the same mystery that happen in their town years ago. Ding Mao’s brain and Guo De You’s power that can seek out the guilty is a perfect combination to solve the mystery.

It’s a minor one, but the bromance in Love O2O showed what a real friendship is like, they go through good and bad until they finally succeed together. Their relationship grown from college mate-slash-game players until they become business partner. In Medical Examiner Dr. Qin he played a detective name Lin Tao that worked together with forensic doctor Qin Ming and his assistant, Li Da Bao. Their relationship basically professional, they worked together to solve crime but Lin Tao’s soccer night at Qin Ming’s house everytime he got kicked out of his house showed us that there’s more than just working relationship between them, as Lin Tao always stated to Li Da Bao that he is Qin Ming’s only friend lmao. Though in Only Side By Side With You, Chang Jian Xiong (Li Xian) and Shi Yue (William Chan) bromance didn’t exactly ‘beautiful’, but there are some flashbacks that showed their deep friendship when they’re still in Special Forces though eventually it lead into a fallout, but it seems in present they still fond of each other. But what a bromance without a few punches, right?

And who can forget the K&K boys and their boss Han Shang Yan? In Go Go Squid he plays a trainer/coach to an e-sport team called K&K. Those boys are reminder of his glory days when he used to be a player as well. Their relationship is basically between a scary coach and students but there’s worry behind his nagging, and he love them like his own kids. Also, though he feels hurt and betrayed by his old friends, he can’t deny that they’re a part of his root as player, they start together, struggle together, and reach the top together, Team Solo will always be in his heart.

Li Xian is famous for his warm personality and hard working attitude behind the scene. A lot of his co-workers had praise him for being friendly, moderate and dedicated to his work, also the best example of hard working people who will succeed. I mean look at him now, he have 4 upcoming movies that supposed to air this year still in waiting. With his good attitude and sunny personality, I’m not wrong for calling him Mr. Sunshine, right?

Beside his personality behind the camera, he is also know for his public philanthropy. He is known to donate and promote various good causes such as children/youth development, wildlife welfare, and environmental change, also recently he donated 200,000 yuan to the foundation’s “Fight against the Epidemic – Project Hope Special Action” to fight against COVID19 which lead the fans spontaneously launched a public fundraising activity “Donate together with Idol Li” through the Blog Public Welfare Platform of Sina Weibo and raised over 1.1 million yuan of donations. He is currently the ambassador of China Youth Development Foundation.

A little bonus for you guys, since Mr. Li is also known for his healthy-masculine appearance:

What do you think about the bromance, Lakornians? Did you also enjoy them along with the romance too? Besides the projects that I’ve mentioned above, did you watched his other projects that got good bromance in it? Let me know bellow!

Written by Phanthittra.

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