Action Genre Trope - Marriage Lakorn/Completed Romance

Mook Liam Petch (2012)

Subbed by New Curvey Curvey

Petch is a perfect, confident, and flirtatious rising businessman owner of Star Diamond the largest diamond Company. Mookda is an international police woman with special training in Aikido who disguises herself as a nonsensical, troublemaker secretary to investigate the stolen diamond Adorella. As crazy as Mook is, Petch cannot help falling on love with her. (credit to godninja)


  1. ushasi says:

    Dear Admin, wanted to know if Mook Liam Petch Eng subbed version is available. I can’t seem to find any links.

    1. Sornsuer says:

      The old version videos was blur, this is still being work on. Will announce when done.

  2. Dear Admin

    When we can get the link ” Mook Liam Petch 2012 ” for Eng Sub if possible can u share Eng subfile for raw video

    sorry for inconvience

    1. Sornsuer says:

      The old videos are very blur, and this is being work on with better raw, it will be post when done, and no I don’t know when it will be done.

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