Action Drama Genre Trope - Marriage Lakorn/Completed Romance Transliterator - Jasmin Lakorn

Mongkut Saeng Jun

Sub by Wishboniko

Princess Sisira (Sririta Jensen) met Theetayu (Andrew Gregson (Andy))one night while she was walking around by herself in town, she was captivated by him and decided to make friends with him. Theetayu, whose father was killed by the king’s soldiers before his eyes, hates the king and didn’t want to get involve with Princess Sisira but he felt rather attracted to her kindness and beauty. When the king died by the hand of Konjanat’s men, the queen saved the throne by making her son the prince became a king. However Konjanat killed the queen, hiding it from the young King and acted as his Regent, forcing Theetayu to save the Princess and brought her faraway from her kingdom. When Princess Sisira was caught on her runaway Konjanat asked her to marry his nephew which later she knew that was Theetayu. Theetayu was cruel to Sisira and forced her to marry him in order to protect her and the young king. If Sisira did not marry Theetayu, Konjanat will kill the young king and the princess. Theetayu pretended to obey his uncle, though in fact he did that to bring back the throne to its rightful owner and bring his uncle to jail because he loved the princess dearly.


  1. StarryNightSky says:

    I absolutely love this lakorn.

  2. Its not often lakhorns like this one is being made!Rita and Andrew were such a passionate couple!Both portrayed their characters so well.I have also become obsessed with Andrew lately,planning to watch all his lakhorns!Thank you so much wishbonika for subbing this!

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