Drama Genre Trope - LGBT Lakorn/Incompleted Romance

Mangkorn Yai (2022) / Big Dragon

Star Hunter Entertainment

The story of “Mangkorn” and “Yhai” Two enemies who have a crush on the same woman but then had sex by accident because they were drunk at the SUNRISE pub owned by Yhai, the famous family’s heir. “Singhawattanachoke” Yhai couldn’t accept Mangkorn’s statement about that night, that he had won everything and desired to win. As a result, he attempted to demolish the pub in the hopes of erasing the bad memories that he lost to Mangkorn. It was the only time Yai’s father, “Borom,” wanted to renovate the pub. As a result, he was forced to take on this responsibility. Rather than going to the Maldives with friends. However, things are not as simple as anyone can imagine when one of the architects hired was “Mungkorn,” a 5th year architecture student who came to work at G Design Company. Is it a coincidence that brings them back together from “hate” to “love”? What will happen next with this pub’s renovation . . .? (Source: IQiyi)

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