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Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Krating (2015) / Mafia Dragon Blood: Bull

Subbed by MUSE

Mafia series: Hong, Suer, Raed, Singha, Bull

Seven years ago, all member of his great mafia family were killed in the bomb led by Black Dragon gang after sending “Janchompoo” a young girl decoy to be his lover, only “Chonlathee” managed to escape this murder plan. Chonlathee flees to live with his father’s close friend in Hong Kong. The wound from that fire incident drove him into a facial plastic surgery and he even changed his name into “Tham” and later gets back into the mafia business again to wait for a revenge. He’s named the ‘feirce bull’ of Yaowarat China Town. Tham gets to meet Yah-ya, a beautiful girl that he feels familiar. With his curiousity ’cause she’s too skillful to be just an ordinary waitress at a Chinese restaurant, Tham intendedly get closer to Yah-ya and unexpectedly fall in love with her. Yah-ya falls in love with him too. But she has to get shocked when his past secret is revealed. (Source: MyDramaList)

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