Chinese Drama Music Romance

Love Behind The Melody (2022) / 花朝秋月夜

Mango TV

Li Sasa, the chief pipa performer, was performing on stage with a charismatic performance. By chance, a phoenix-necked pipa dragged her into the prosperous dynasty a thousand years ago and became an abandoned woman pipa girl. Living on the streets of Shangjing, she lives in Youjiaofang by accident and becomes attached to Lu Jingnian, the manager of Youjiaofang who is surrounded by Yingyan in the market. With full of “love field” and “qin field” skills, Li Sasa successfully won the chief title of Youjiaofang, and gradually made Lu Jingnian look at him differently. The two joined hands with Xin’er, Yu Shijie and other friends to jointly build the Shengchao Women’s Heavenly Group. During the process, the love between the two continues to spread, and who will confess first when they are on the verge of ambiguity? (Source pangzitv)

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