Crime Drama Family Lakorn/Completed Revenge Transliterator - Always Grumpy Cat

Leh Kaen (2021) / The Revenge


As unexpected incident occurred in Akarapisansakul House consists of Nawin, whose father of the three sons and a daughter named Pope, Chan, Pat, and Natty along with the new wife, Pilai and a stepson, Wee who’s extremely loyal to this house. The funeral of the people of Akarapisansakul House were held in a simple manner, and the photos there have been leaked on the social media, which caused doubts as to why such a large family would hold an event quietly. Nawin had to hold a press conference, in order to clear their doubts but Wee still had some doubts about the incident because of that night, he himself was attacked until he couldn’t remember the incident.

The apperance of Kate, who will become a shareholder of Pearl Star Group, sent her assistant Wut to the meeting ealier. Kate announced a war in front of Nawin and the Board of Directors of Global Enterprise, which the two companies share a joint venture. Nawin ordered Wee to investigate Kate of what exactly did she want. How will resentment be settled? Will Wee be able to find out the truth? (Source: MGR Online)

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