Drama Historical Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Krong Dok Sroi (2023) / Love In A Cage

Channel 3 (raw)

“Soi Inthanin” and “Soi Fah” was born and raised in Yuparat. Although both of them are the daughters of “Chao Sang Fah”, the two sisters have different lives like the sky and the abyss. Because Inthanin’s mom is a mistress, she was not accepted in the family.

Though painful, she gritted her teeth to escape the cruel fate that had locked her in a cage. But destiny played a joke. Inthanin fall in love with “Mor Phas”, a handsome young doctor, her half-sister’s future husband. Both Soi Inthanin and Phas have to work together to overcome obstacles for everyone to accept. (Source: Channel 3/LakornGalaxy)


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