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Kratuk Nuad Seua (2015) / Challenging The Tigers

Subbed by FansubTH047

Arayan (from Sanskrit lit.means civilization), the district at the border of Thailand and its neighbor, is far from its name, not even cell phone signal existing there. It’s surrounded with forests and mountains and full of “suea” (tiger). Suea/Tiger here is not an animal but an outlaw.

Pud is the only one mechanic of Arayan. He met Kingkaew, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor who just finished her degree aboard. She visited her father, Prayut, who is a sheriff of the district. Her car was broken on the way, but Pud helped to fix her car. However, she found out that her bra in her car got dirty by Pud.

In fact, Pud is a member of Suea Thongbai’s gang but he himself is not yet Suea. This gang acts like the Robinhood, robbed the rich and donated the money to the poor. Suea Thongbai gang consists of Thongbai, the leader, Yaja his wife, Suea Pong and Suea Lek. Apart from Thongbai gang, there is a mafia of the district, Thaweesin the rich businessman who won all the projects from the government. He has three underlings, Suea Pu, Suea Mok, Suea Toi. Furthermore, Big Ui, a corrupt local politician in the district. In addition, some important characters are Suea Sa-ing, a restaurant owner of the district who has a daughter, and Lieut Ger the only police in the district. They are not ordinary people but they are all warlock and can perform powerful magic!

The story starts when Pud dreamed of the legendary Luangpoo (senior monk) Kem who was considered the best warlock in the past before he became a monk. The legend said, anyone who owns Luangpoo Kem’s magic items, he will be so powerful even can establish his own country! The peaceful Arayan is now on fire!! (Source: FansubTH047)


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