Drama Family Genre Trope - LGBT Historical Lakorn/Completed Romance

Khun Chai, Sir (2022) / To Sir, With Love


Under a great family hidden with secrets, resentment and hatred where everyone hopes to get “power” to take over!! Five Dragons Association under the leadership of the magnate Song, the big brother who is good at business management and control people in the association. But things inside the house are chaotic. Magnate Song has 3 wives, Li, the main wife, has the eldest son of the family, Tian and Chan. The second wife has a son, Yang. The eldest son of the family must inherited the business and continue to take over the power created by his father It’s a destination that brought strife and tragedy! When “boys love” love is blocked in Chinese society, he decides to choose his path of life. (Source: One31/Lakorn Galaxy) 

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