Action Fantasy Genre Trope - Past Life/Reincarnation Lakorn/Completed Romance Subber - neko^^ Meow Meow

Katha Singh (2021) / The Wand Warrior

Neko Meow Meow

King Singha Worraman created the Katha Singha (a magical mace) by inviting the King of Heaven and various deities to bless it with their powers. It was given to Chaiya the fearless general of the Tai people. His duty is to fight off invading forces and protect his kingdom. A power struggle ensues between Chaiya and the Royal Priest. Chaiya’s life ends in the struggle. Buasawan who is the Royal Priest’s daughter is in love with Chaiya and before her own death she breaks the Katha Singha into two pieces. Eight hundred years later, Trai who is raised by a monk and learns various mythical power travels to Singhanakhon to search for the origin of his birth. He meets Sarinda. Sarinda is special in that she is able to read the ancient language of the Trai people from birth. Trai crosses paths with Suttha, Sarinda’s father. Sutta is a powerful man who dabbles with dark powers. Suttha raises Sarinda to help him uncover the location of the Katha Singha. Suttha is a powerful person, but his absorption into dark magic takes a heavy toll on his body. He has gathered up too much dark magic and it is slowly eating at his body. The only way to save himself is the Katha Singha. Now that Trai has come across Sarinda and Suttha again, the battle that has crossed many centuries and lifetimes must come to an end. (Source: LakornGalaxy)

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