Drama Historical Lakorn/No EngSubs

Kassatriya (2003)

The beginning of Suriyothai died in the Iuthheete and Burma. Phra Ramet Woracharababut was able to fit into the body. Phra Chao Hong Sawadee sheds Shatee back to Hong Sawadee Somdej Somdej Somdej Somdej Somdet Phra Suriyothai was brought to give the fire at Suan Luang Sob Sawan Temple. It used to be a paradise garden that had been blessed when he was alive. Now it became a place to send heavenly spirits. The emperor was sad and sorrowful. Phra Wisutkasatthi remembers the pain deeply buried in his heart. That the mother shed blood to protect the land. (Source: Dramastorysiam)

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