Genre Trope - Vampire Horror Lakorn/Incompleted Romance Subber - CatAttack

Kaew Khon Lek (2019) / Iron Crystal Amulet


Mekhin is a known as a cut throat, sharp, and sometimes cruel officer. He sets fear into the minds of all criminals he is assigned to capture. Mekhin falls in love with Boonpluem a young villager. His love with Boonpluem appears to be simple. However, his father who has other plans for Mekhin causes a misunderstanding between Boonpluem and Mekhin. Boonpluem believing that Mekhin is dead, so she moves on with her life, and marries Tiang.

Upon his return Mekhin learns of this painful truth. To stop Mekhin from doing the unthinkable and harming Boonpluem and Tiang, his father locks him up. Mekhin, beside himself is inconsolable and pledges his life to immortality and evil. With his promise, he trades his life to become a dark spirit, so he can follow his heart for all eternity.

Present day, Naruedom is a man who is obsessed with historic artifacts. With a little nudging he performs a ceremony to awaken the sleeping Mekhin. Mekhin takes Naruedom as his servant and begins his conquest of revenge and getting his love back.
He doesn’t care how many lives must be taken, and blood must be had. As long as he gets his love Boonpluem who has reborn as Rommanee back. The only obstacle in his mission is Kaew Khon Lek, an iron amulet that can stop him dead in his track. (Source: BitterKisses)

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