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Jeab Lalana Kongtoranin – An Intelligent Beauty

Lalana Kongtoranin (ลลนา ก้องธรนินทร์), who is better known by her nickname Jeab (เจี๊ยบ) and is a doctor, actress, model, and former Miss Thailand.
“We should have the patience to do what we don’t like if it leads us to our goal.” -Jeab

It’s quite interesting to see many actors and actresses in Thailand who have an entirely different career outside of the entertainment business. Doctors, veterinarians, engineers, etc! I’d like to write about a particular warm hearted, multitalented, and intelligent woman.

If you’ve watched Neko’s project Nee Rak Nai Krong Fai, then this may be a familiar face to you! Lalana Kongtoranin or Jeab is not only an actress, but she was also crowned Miss Thailand in 2006 and she’s also a doctor! Her story on why she decided to enter the pageant is one that will seriously warm your heart and give you the fuzzies.

Aside from working as an actress, she’s also doing her residency at Ramathibodi hospital (hold your hormones and don’t stalk her!).

Jeab realized she wanted to become a doctor when she did an internship at a hospital in grade 12. Seeing all the patients, Jeab felt their pain and was compelled to find a career where she could help them. She wanted to work at a private hospital to make a lot of money. You would think it’s to get rich right? Nope, she wanted to make money so that she’ll be able to open a free clinic on the weekends.

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She joined the Miss Thailand competition her first year of college. Why? Because she knew her money alone would not be enough to help people and support the causes that she believes in. If she were more well known, she could get more people to help. Winning the competition was not her goal, her goal was to share her knowledge and enable people to become a hero themselves and help others. With more people and more support, more people would be able to be helped.

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Jeab has created a foundation called Let’s Be Heroes Foundation, check it out!


  1. Choy Foong Heng says:

    when i saw her in Nee Rak Nai Krong Fai, she has class . First time seeing her on thai lakorn and was very impress with her acting . Didnt know that she was Miss Thailand and being a doctor and setting up a foundation , wow, amazing gal. Thanks for the writeup .

  2. Cristobelle56 says:

    She is such an accomplished person, beauty and brains is how I would describe her.

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