Genre Trope - Tragedy Historical Romance

Jark Fun Su Nirandon (1998) / From Dream to Eternity

New Curvey Curvey

Trai and Rani are engaged to be wed by the liking of both sides of the family, but they don’t get along. Rani was a business type of person, while Trai was more of an artist. Rani feels that anything that didn’t bring in profit was a waste of time and energy. Trai valued his art and loves to design jewelry and decorate old homes.
Trai and Rani are both in the jewel business together. One day, they went to a show of jewels, where Trai saw a picture that caught his heart and soul – the picture of a girl who lived back in the late 1920’s. Trai fell in love with the girl in the picture and wanted to know everything about her. He found out that her name was Karakade, the daughter of a Lord. He decided to buy the house that she used to live in to learn more about her.
Trai was asked to try a new meditation technique to go back in time. He was overwhelmed by the result, because it actually worked. He went back to the time where Karakade lived and was still alive. There he met Mangsong, his grandfather, and they became good friends. He was a Chinese man who escaped to Thailand for a better life. Mangsong led him to meet Cheur, Karakade’s fiancé, and Cheur led him to Karakade. Cheur saw that Trai was very talented and decided to hire him to draw his fiancé’s picture. He was happy to.
Trai finally meets Karakade in person to draw her picture. He fell even harder for her, who was more beautiful in person than in the picture. From there on, Trai and Karakade became close and their love story began.
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