Chinese Drama Fantasy Historical Romance

In The Day We Flipped (2022) / 休想行刺本王小姐


The modern undertaker Zhang ChuXi accidentally time travelled and became the “Prince” of the Lan Kingdom. As soon as “he” woke up, “he” was assassinated by an assassin, Su NingZe sent by the crown prince. Zhang ChuXi, who was determined to find her true love, fell in love with Su NingZe in the meantime that “he” unveiled the conspiracy of power struggle with Su NingZe. However, when the two young persons opened their mind and decided to be together, the soul of this body gradually awakened and began to deprive Zhang ChuXi of the body. The evil “prince” is about to return. Why did she disguise herself as a man? What is the relationship between the assassin and Zhang ChuXi. And what is the fate of Zhang ChuXi and Su NingZe? (Source: YoYo English)

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