Chinese Drama Fantasy Historical Mystery Romance Thriller

In Blossom (2024) / 花间令


In the sinful city of Heyang, Pan Yue, a man who throws money into cars, marries Yang Caiwei, who is despised by everyone. On the wedding day, Yang Caiwei is killed, and the suspected murderer turns out to be Pan Yue.

Yang Caiwei, who “resurrected from the dead”, returns “fiercely” under the guise of the “evil girl” Shangguan Zhi, determined to expose Pan Yue’s true face. In the process of fighting against the “four major clans” of evil forces and investigating old cases, the two hearts got close again. Yang Caiwei discovered that the real culprit who killed her was someone else, and Pan Yue had loved her deeply from the beginning to the end. Everything is about to come to fruition, but the person behind the scenes has once again set up a trap to push the two of them to eternal destruction. (Source: Youku)

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