I’m Tee, Me Too (2020)


After losing his beloved mother, Watee or Tee became a lonely man, he had no father, sibling, or even close relatives. The only thing left is a house. That is the only inheritance from his mother. A home full of memories, filled with smiles and laughter. The Door,the window,the sofa, and every square inch of the house is like a diary, recording every happy moment throughout his 20s. Tee spent almost a month alone in his life before finding out that the house itself was not the way he thought. A notice states the house with outstanding mortgages for 6 more installments, almost 40,000 baht per installment. The final solution is transforming the empty room in a rental home. Although it is difficult for Tee to trust other people and even though he doesn’t likes living with strangers, but with financial problems he faces, he reluctantly agrees to sleep on the sofa in the living room and proclaim the other rooms for 5 other participants under the same roof. After a while, new members started to get interested. All five of them were the same university students and all five of them had the same name: Tee. Although all 6 had the same names, their habits and behaviors are anything but. How will the presence of these 5 newcomers be influential for Watee? Will he be able to pay off mortgages and get his peacefulness as he desired? Or will something happen that changes the behaviors of all 6 residents? (Source: MyDramaList)

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