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Hua Jai Rua Puang (2013) / Attachments of the Heart

Subbed by Viki & Chobling

The lives of four people undergo significant changes when resort owner Pete Peerapope and Rantida decide to get engaged. For both, it’s a marriage of convenience. On Pete’s side, he wants to make his dying mother happy by fulfilling his duties as a son by getting married, and as far as he’s concerned, Ran is the best choice as his bride; on Ran’s side, she wants a fresh start and sees her boss Pete as the fastest and easiest way out of a bad situation.

Standing in their way is Ran’s Aunt Pat who has raised her since she (Pat) graduated from university and returned from abroad. She doesn’t want Ran to make the same mistake she did in the past, nor does she trust Pete, making it difficult for Pete and Ran to get married. She wants Ran to be completely honest with Pete about her mother Thipapa, who’s in prison, and her son Atom, whom everyone believes to be Pat’s son, before she’ll agree to their marriage, but unbeknownst to both Pete and Pat, Ran is hiding yet another secret: Pete’s cousin Tarit, who’s married to a sickly wife, is Ran’s ex-boyfriend and Atom’s father. To complicate matters, despite all their bickering, Pete and Pat find themselves falling for each other. (Source: Chobling)

EP01 ~ EP02 ~ EP03 ~ EP04 ~ EP05 ~ EP06 ~ EP07 ~ EP08 ~ EP09 ~ EP10 ~ EP11 ~ EP12 ~ EP13 ~ EP14 ~ EP15 ~ EP16 ~ EP17 ~ EP18 ~ EP19 ~ EP20end.


  1. Where are the subs?

    1. Sornsuer says:

      It’s fixed. Happy watching

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